About LISA

 From an early age I understood the value and power of photography to to tell stories. For the past ten years I have been a photographer working in the field of social and cultural study, with an emphasis on socially disadvantaged children. I have always approached my stories organically.

After having my now five year old daughter, my art and sensibilities shifted to exploring abstract fine art, portraiture travel, working more introspectively using shape, light and movement. Photography began as a simple chronicle of daily life and has evolved into a practice that anchors my energy and keeps me engaged in observing the rich and detailed world around me.  Based in the South of France, my photographs have been exhibited in galleries nationwide and in publications internationally.

At the end of the day she considers herself successful as a photographer if she has motivated people to be curious and to think, empowered the subjects of her photographs, created congruency between her values and her photography and added pleasure for people through her aesthetics.