Mennonites of Manitoba, Bolivia. The Peter's family in the late afternoon. Young Mennonite boys helping their sisters milk the cows, a twice a day chore for the children

Bolivian Mennnonites I, 2014.

By Lisa Wiltse

Edition of 50 -  45x30

Edition of 100 - 68.6 cm x 99.0 cm, 27.0 inches x 39.0 inches (paper size - 39 in x 27, 99.06 x 68.58)

Open edition 17x11 - 39.0 cm x 53.4 cm, 15.3 inches x 21.0 inches (paper size - 21 in x 15.3, 53.34 x 38.862)

(Dimensions are for the image size, not the final paper size) 

 Printed on Giclee Hahnemuhle German Etching

Includes a minimum border of 1” for unframed prints.

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This print is for personal usage only, intended for display in the home or other private spaces. For all other uses, such as display in public spaces or institutions, publishing the image online or in print, or any other form of usage, permission must be granted by Lisa Wiltse. Please visit lisawiltsearchives.com to purchase a license or contact lisa@lisawiltse.com with any questions.

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